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Midget Division


2014 Midget Division


Practices are held at Springdale Park on Tuesday and Thursday nights (Tues, Wed and Thurs for first two weeks of practice)

2014 Midget Game Schedule


Midget Division Rules

The Midget Division plays standard 11 man football following IHSA rules regarding penalties, downs, etc.  The following revisions have been made for this division:

1. One coach is allowed on the field at all times both offensively and defensively.
He may call plays and/or set the defense but once the players are at the line-of-scrimmage, NO coaching can take place. 
This will be enforced.

2. Games will be 12 minute running quarters.  The clock will stop on out of bounds or incomplete passes with 2 minutes remaining in the half or game. 
The clock always stops on time outs or injuries.

3. Each team will have 3 time outs per half.

4. A touchdown scores 6 points.  P.A.T. scores 2 points for a pass or 1 point for a run.

5. Punts are NOT a live rush.  The offense must declare a punt or attempt on 4th down. 
If punting, the center may direct snap to the punter who will then step back into punt position and kick.  The defense is required to have 7 players on the
defensive line before the ball is kicked.  All play is live after the ball has been kicked.

6. No spearing with the helmet is allowed at any time.

7. No blocking below the waist is allowed at any time.

8. Kickoffs will be from the 35 yard line.  Onside kicks are only allowed in the 2nd half of play, or if the kicking team is down by more than 12 points.

9. If a team is losing by 18 points or more, there will be no kick-off after touchdown and the losing team will take possession from the 40 yard line (mid field).
- Leading team cannot pass.  If they do, it will be flagged by the referees and treated as an incomplete pass.
- Leading team cannot run outside the tackles.  If they do, it will be flagged by the referees and result in a loss of down.
- Leading team must replace starting running backs.
- Leading team must punt on 4th down.  If they do not punt, it will be flagged by the referees and treated as an incomplete pass.
  The ball will be returned to the line of scrimmage and change of possession.
- Clock will run continuously inside of two minutes.
- Coaches can agree to continuous possession if imbalance is excessive.
- Margins of 21 points or more should be avoided.

10. Weight limit is 100 pounds.  No player over 85 pounds may advance the ball. 
In the event of a fumble recovery or interception the play will stop at the point of turnover.

11. Any player over 85 pounds will be striped and must play on the line from tackle to tackle, on a balanced line, both offensively and defensively. 
The player must start each play from a 3 or 4 point stance.

12. Offensive line cannot have more than two (2) stripers on either side of the player that centers the ball backwards.

13. If a player is not participating in practices for whatever reason, it will be the coach’s discretion as to how much time the player will play in a game. 
The reason for this is the player's safety.  Football is a contact sport. 
Practice is necessary to develop proper techniques in blocking and tackling so as to lessen the possibility of injury to themselves or others. 
The game of football is a team oriented sport where you need everyone working together to execute plays on both offense and defense during practices and games. 
When a player is participating in practices, any player not playing offense at least 1/2 of the plays MUST play every down on defense. 
This rule is intended to get all players approximately 1/2 of the plays.

14. Practices cannot start earlier than 5:00 p.m. and can last for a maximum of 2 1/2 hours.  After the first 2 weeks, practice is limited to 2 hours.

15. A striper is allowed to kick the ball.  If the ball hits the ground while in the motion of kicking, the ball is dead at the spot.

16. 35 second play clock will be enforced at the Midget level.

17. A 1 minute water break will be given to both teams at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters. 
No coaching will be done during this time.  A 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty will be called for violation of this rule.

18. The defensive team can have no more than six players at the line of scrimmage.  
The other 5 players must be at least 2 yards off the line of scrimmage. 
Three players must be at least 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. 
This distance must be maintained until the snap of the ball, i.e., no forward progress.

19. The defensive team can have no more than two defensive players at the line of scrimmage between the offensive guards.